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ACC 306 Week 4 Quiz


Question 1:  Which of the following will require a recalculation of weighted-average shares outstanding for all years presented? Question 2:  Which of the following statements is true when dividends are not declared or paid on cumulative preferred stock? Question 3:  When treasury shares are sold at a price above cost: Question 4:  When a property dividend is declared, the reduction in retained earnings is for: Question 5:  When preferred stock is purchased by the issuing corporation at a price below the original issue price and the stock is retired, the transaction: Question 6:  When stock is issued in exchange for property, the best evidence of market value might be any of the following except: Question 7:  When treasury stock is purchased for an amount greater than its par value, what is the effect on total shareholders’ equity? Question 8:  Preferred shares that are participating may: Question 9:  Stock options do not affect the calculation of: Question 10:  Preferred dividends are subtracted from earnings when computing earnings per share whether or not the dividends are declared or paid if the preferred stock is:



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