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ACC 340 Week 2 Connect Knowledge Check


1.       Control Objectives for Information and related Technology’s (CobIT) guidance is guided by a structure that corresponds to the SDLC, namely: Plan and Organize, Acquire and Implement, Deliver and Support and Monitor and Evaluate. True False     2.       While hierarchical and network data models require relationships to be formed at the database creation, relational data models can be made up as needed. True False   3.       The project sponsor is generally the same person as the project manager. True False   4.       The 100% Rule is a rule requiring 100% planning of all external tasks. True False   5.       The analysis phase of the SDLC involves a complete, detailed analysis of the systems needs of the end user. True False    6.       To convert a conceptual model with a maximum Multiplicities relationship of “many to many” into relationship database tables, one must Many-to-many relationship cannot be represented in Access. Create a relationship table to handle the many-to-many relationship. Create a relation with no attributes of its own. Create a foreign key in one of the tables to link the two tables.   7.       The Project Manager is the lead member of the project team that is responsible for the project. True False 8.       The critical path in a PERT chart represents: The most important tasks of the whole project. The longest path of tasks needed for project completion. The tasks that must be completed without errors. The path of processes that is critical for system adoption.    9.       The triple constraint of project management includes the constraint of: Adoption Usability Technical issues Time   10. In Access, users can edit database information in reports. True false



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