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RDG 538 Week 1 Individual Assignment Cueing System Diagram


Collaborate on the following: Resources: Literacy Case Studies Multimedia and University of Phoenix Material: Cueing Systems Diagram located on the student website.  Form a group of three or four people in the class who wish to work, or are currently working, with the same grade level. This will be your Learning Team.  Select one case study that most resembles your group’s current teaching environment from the Literacy Case Studies Multimedia. LEE  Note. The case study selected by your group will be the focus throughout this course, so it may not be used for the Culminating Project: Literacy Case Studies by any member of your group.  Discuss the following:  In what ways does the current curriculum utilized in each of your classrooms address the three cueing systems? How are the three cueing systems being presented to students in each of your classrooms? What are the literacy issues of your group’s selected case study? In what ways does the curriculum in the case study address the three cueing systems? In what areas of the case study are more strategic supports needed? Specifically, focus on phonemic awareness, phonics, comprehension, and fluency for the selected case study.  Work individually on the following:  Complete the Cueing Systems Diagram according to the curriculum used in your classroom.  Answer the questions found beneath the diagram based on your group’s case study.



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