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RDG 539 Week 3 Individual Assignment Reading Technique


Create a lesson plan appropriate for your student that uses either the Shared Reading technique in Ch. 36 of 50 Instructional Routines or the Word Sorts technique in Ch. 48 of 50 Literacy Strategies.  Follow the directions based on the chosen technique:  Shared Reading Technique  Select a piece of text that relates to a topic being studied by your student.  Reflect and summarize the Shared Reading technique and the lesson plan. Address the critical issues for organizing and delivering instructions to struggling readers in your summary.  Submit the lesson plan you created and the reflective summary.  Word Sorts Technique  Decide on a focus for the appropriate word sort for your student.  Reflect and summarize the Word Sorts technique and your lesson plan. Provide information on the interrelationship of the following:  Cognitive development Metalinguistic awareness Literacy acquisition  Include the following in your reflective summary:  Explain how you would change the lesson plan if your student were in a different grade level. Explain how you would change your lesson plan if you used the other technique mentioned.



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