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RES 110 Week 3 Individual Assignment Prepare an Outline


Create a formal outline based on your project’s purpose. This outline helps organize your thoughts and build a structure for your project. Include the three major sections of your project: introduction, your evidence, examples, or points, and the conclusion. The introduction must include your thesis statement and background. The body of the paper contains your evidence, examples, points, and sub-points to develop or prove your thesis statement. The conclusion must include a summary of your main points, their relevance, and a recommendation if appropriate. Provide short phrases or sentences indicating what points you will make for each outline part so that your development is easy to grasp. Update and maintain your research log. Identify which print and electronic sources you feel are most appropriate for your project. Explain why these sources are appropriate for your project. Include your research log with your outline. Format your outline according to APA standards.



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