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RES 341 Week 3 Learning Team Assignment Data Collection Paper


Learning Team Assignment: Data Collection Paper   Resource: Week Two paper, the Internet, the University Library, Electronic Reserve Readings, and other resources   Locate at least four peer-reviewed, scholarly research articles that are relevant to your research topic.   Write a 1,050- to 1,750-word paper in which you include an edited version of last week’s Learning Team paper and the following components of the research process:       Review of literature     Summarize the peer-reviewed articles.   Describe how the articles apply to your research topic.     Sampling design     Define the population from which your samples came.   Was the sample size appropriate for this research topic? Explain.   Identify the possible sources of bias or error that could occur when sampling (validity and reliability).     Data collection     Display your data in both tabular and graphical formats.   Identify some primary data collection methods that could be used to collect data.      Discuss any possible ethical concerns regarding the collection of data.



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