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RES 711 Week 2 Individual Assignment Foundations of Research Template


Foundations of Research Template Complete the following University of Phoenix Foundations of Research template. Base your responses on at least four current scholarly sources, of which two are articles from peer-reviewed journals. Cite references used according to APA 6th edition. Include an APA-formatted reference list. Insert your reference list at the end of the document. Demonstrate your understanding of the nature of the three major research methods by describing and comparing the foundations of quantitative and qualitative research for each of the following elements, using this template. Limit your response of each item to 100 words. Nature of research: scientific and philosophical underpinnings Approach to inquiry: induction versus deduction Belief about truth: positivism and empiricism Type of data: numeric versus narrative data Use of data: testing hypotheses and theories versus generating hypotheses and building theory What are two rationales for using a mixed methods approach?



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