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RES 726 Week 1 Individual Assignment ANOVA and Correlation Exercise


Resource: Three textbooks listed in the Syllabus and the RES726v2 Resource page plus scholarly journal articles selected from UOP databases for paper.   Complete exercise 2 on p. 81 of the Keppel & Zedeck text. Write two to three paragraphs to briefly describe how to code data in the exercise for calculating the Pearson correlation coefficient, and summarize the relationship between ANOVA & correlation and your thoughts of what was learned during this process. Submit your answers to the exercise and paragraphs in a Microsoft®Word document. Add a title page and follow the guidelines for an APA scholarly paper. Include references to support your work following the APA (6th ed.) formats. Insert reference list at the end of the document. Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines for the title page and the scholarly paper.



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