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RES 733 Week 4 Individual Assignment Performance Evaluation Presentation


Your boss has asked you to evaluate the company’s performance management system. During this evaluation, your boss expects you to review several performance appraisal forms and select one to implement throughout the company. Once a form is selected, your boss wants you to prepare a training for managers about the importance of appropriate performance appraisals and common errors managers make when providing ratings. Prepare a 10-15 slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation, using the performance appraisal form and criteria approved by your Learning Team, with detailed speaker notes in which you address the following: An evaluation of each team member’s performance appraisal form An explanation of your selection for the approved form: Explain why this form is the most beneficial. An inclusion of rater training slides that address the following: Common rater errors Sources of bias in performance appraisals Why these ratings are important Measurement of job performance Format your presentation consistent with APA guidelines.



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