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SAI 430 Week 3 Quiz


1. TCO 2 ­ BPIOAI is the science and mechanism of managing the movement of data and the invocation of application services in the correct and proper order to support the management and execution of common ______________ that exist in and between organizations and internal applications 2. TCO 2 ­ According to the author of the text, a BPIOAI tool is just a ____________ 3. TCO 2 ­Stating that” a process­ oriented standard created for the technology industry that defines a set of high­ level business process flows called Partner Interface Processes, which are exchanged and managed between trading partners” is a definition of which of the following standards? 4. TCO 2 ­Based on the material presented in Chapter 3 of the text briefly give your definition of what BPIOAI (Business Process Integration­Oriented Application Integration) is



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