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SAI 440 Week 5 Case Study E-Business Demands High Performance Data Centers


Case Study Question #1 Discuss the important issues a firm faces when it is deciding whether to build its own data center or engage a service supplier. How do these issues differ if the firm is not engaged in e-business. Case Study Question #2 Discuss the relationship between problem management, change management, and service level agreements. Case Study Question #3 What special considerations enter into the recovery management process when third party service providers are used? Case Study Question #4 Relate the topics in this chapter to the notion of critical success factors introduced in chapter one. Case Study Question #5 For the topics presented in this chapter, discuss the balance between bureaucracy, effectiveness, and efficiency. How does this balance relate to the concepts of professionalism and IT maturity. Case Study Question #6 How might one attempt to quantify the economic benefits that can be derived from effective operation of problem and change management? Case Study Question #7 Discuss some approaches a firm might use to evaluate contingency plans and emergency plans and test recovery plans. Case Study Question #8 If you were the chief information officer (CIO) of a firm that relies extensively on internal client/server computing, how would you organize people to implement the problem and change management disciplines discussed in this chapter. Case Study Question #9 What are the advantages and disadvantages of relying on informal organizations (e.g., problem management committees) to accomplish the goals of problem and change management? If you were the firm’s CIO, would you prefer using formal or informal organizations to perform these task? Explain your rationale.



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