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SAI 440 Week 6 Case Study Business Vignette Verizon Flexes Its E-Sourcing Muscles


Questions from Frenzel: Business Vignette: Verizon Flexes Its E-Sourcing Muscles 1. Describe the relationship between service-level agreements, management reporting and the disciplines discussed in this chapter. 2. What are the essential reasons a firm should develop and implement the management processes described in this chapter? 3. What is batch management and why is it declining in importance? 4. What are the differences between batch systems and network systems? Do you think network systems are more difficult to manage? 5. Describe the inputs that computer operators may provide to the problem management system. 6. What do users expect of networks? What do executives expect? 7. What are the essential ingredients of configuration management? 8. What databases are maintained in configuration management systems? Business Vignette: Robbery on the Information Superhighway 1. What lessons did you learn from the Business Vignette? 2. What is the first thing that managers must know in order to establish effective controls? What other information must they know? 3. Why are business controls important to IT and user managers? 4. What staff responsibilities do IT managers have regarding business controls? 5. What are some physical information assets that must be controlled? What are the most important intangible assets that must be controlled and protected? 6. Intangible Assets are usually very valuable to firms. Can you give examples of firms in which intangible assets are more valuable than all other assets? 7. Define the concept of separation of duties. How might this concept work in the management of physical inventory? 8. Identify the participants involved in the complete control over the development and use of application programs. §9. What security and control responsibilities do application owners have? How are these related to user responsibilities? Questions from Sumner ‘§A. What are the best practices you have discovered? §B. How is the ERP system with Production and Materials Management modules superior to a non-integrated Manufacturing system (i.e where the Financial Systems and MRP systems are separate) §C. What information for decision making does the integrated system provide?



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