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SCI 151 Week 2 Quiz


Week-2 Quiz  SCI 151     1     Mark as Unreasonable ( U) or Reasonable (R )  2   Select the best answer. Planetary orbits  in our solar system  are : 3  The Moon is in a Synchronous rotation about the Earth because 4  Select the best answer. The Universe is estimated to be about 14 Billion Years Old. How old was the Universe when the Solar system formed? 5  There are many stars similar to the Sun and therefore one might expect that these stars systems  contain 6 Which statement about Mars is false  7 While both planets have a similar size, and similar internal structures, explain why Venus has a weak magnetic field compared to Earth?  8   Compare the Surface area to volume ratio of the Earth and Venus. Would you expect them to have similar cooling times.  What is the surface to area volume ration for the Moon and Earth.  Would you expect the Moon to  have a core about as hot as Earth’s core?  9   Show all work  10 Select the item that lists the Jovian Planets in the order of decreasing distance from the Sun 11 Describe two main differences between Terrestrial and Jovian planets in our solar system.  12: Give answer below Jupiter is about 5.2 Astronomical Units AU from the Sun and the Earth is 1 AU. 13 Disappearing Moon: The Volcanic Moon Io loses about one ton (1000 Kilograms) of Sulfur dioxide each second to Jupiter’s magnetosphere.    14 Which statement is true 15 Pluto most resembles with respect to composition a 16  how big an object causes a typical shooting star? 17  What would happen if a 20-kilometer diameter Asteroid hit the Earth? 18   did a larege terrestrial planet ever form in the region of the asteroid belt?  19  Solve this problem, show all work An asteroid of 1 Km mass is traveling at 20,000 Km sec directly toward Earth. 20 Using the answer from problem 19 b A typical US household uses about 10,000  Kwatt-Hours or electricity  in a year. If the kinetic energy  from the asteroid  could be converted into electricity how many houses could it power for 1 year. 21 Which are thought to have formed farthest from the sun?   22 Name the 4 largest Moon’s of Jupiter that were observed by Galileo?



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