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SCI 151 Week 3 Content Question


What are electromagnetic waves? What other types of electromagnetic radiation besides light?  Order the types of electromagnetic waves from shortest to longest wavelength. How you determine the temperature, composition, and motion of an object from its light spectrum? What is the Hertzsprung-Russel (H-R) diagram?  What attribute is listed on each axis.  Compare stars in the upper left of the Main sequence vs. the stars at the lower right.  Which ones are Larger? More Luminous? More massive? Hotter? Summarize the complete lifecycle of stars from birth to death. Describe how the lifespan of a low mass star compares to a high mass star. Which lives longer and why? What kind of stars eventually become white dwarfs? What kind eventually become supernovae? Where is the Sun in its lifecycle? What will be the ultimate fate of the Sun?  Explain the major designs of telescopes and discuss their strengths and weaknesses. Describe the best places to build ground-based telescopes and why astronomers choose those places. Contrast the strengths and weaknesses between building telescopes on the Earth, in orbit, or even on the Moon



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