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SCI 151 Week 4 Quiz


SCI 151 Week 4 Quiz  1    What is a Galaxy? What Galaxy do we live in and approximately how many stars are contained in the Milky Way ? What is the diameter of the Milky Way?  2   Which statement is true 3   Solve this problem Suppose you observed a star orbiting a galactic center at 2000 Km/ sec  in a circular orbit  with a diameter of 15 light days.  What would your estimate be for the mass of the object that the star was orbiting 4  What are Cepheid variable stars? Why are Cepheid variable stars used to measure distances to other galaxies? Explain.  5  When we observe a distant galaxy whose photons have traveled for 8 billion years before reaching the earth  we are seeing that galaxy as it was when the Universe  6  Solve the problem, show all work Distances from Hubble’s Las. Imagine you have obtained spectra from several Galaxies and have measured the Red Shift of each galaxy to determine the speed away from  us. Here are your results    7 Why do essentially all galaxies we observe, except the closest ones appear to be red shifted in their spectra, that is moving away form us?  8  Dark matter is inferred to exist because 9  Dark Energy has been hypothesized to exist to explain 10  Based on current evidence concerning the Universe answer yes or no  to the following  statements regarding the Universe 10 Billion years into the future from today.    11 Measurement of the Milky Way’s Rotation tells us that stars in the outskirts of the galaxy  12  We did not understand the true size and shape of our galaxy until NASA launched satellites into galactic halo, enabling us to see what the milky way looks like from the outside   Our Solar System is larger than the Milky Way Galaxy    13 The major evidence for the idea that the expansion of the universe is accelerating comes from observations of    14 Which of these options is the best explanation for why the night sky is dark?   15  A Black Hole has a mass of 100 Solar masses. 16  List 3 pieces of observational evidence that supports the Big Bang Theory  17  what is Olbers’ paradox and how is it resolved by the Big Bang theory 18   After measuring the galaxy’s redshit, I used Hubble’s law to estimate its distance 19  Solve this problem, show all work 20  what is the current temperature of the universe?



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