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SCI 245 Week 8 DQ 1 and DQ 2


Discussion Questions   Geologic events, such as volcanic activity, play an important role in forming many of our valuable resources, such as fossil fuel, lead, copper, and gold. For example, fig. 15.21 on p. 476 of the textbook shows the role of basaltic magma in forming one of the most valuable ores to our civilization, chromium. Select an important ore mined in your state or region, and discuss how geologic events played a role in forming this ore. Discuss the importance of this ore in the economy of your selected area and the United States as a whole.   Discuss a nonrenewable resource that you think will have the most significant impact to our lives if it is depleted. Explain your choice. Are there current efforts to conserve it? Provide an example of a person, place, or thing that utilizes a renewable resource.



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