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SEC 400 Week 4 Individual Assignment Terrorism and Criminal Activity


Write a 1,400- to 1,750-word paper, exploring the differences between terrorism and criminal activity from economic, security, and psychological perspectives. Answer the following questions in your paper: · What prevention, mitigation, and enforcement measures are taken to avoid terrorism? · How are these efforts similar to and different from the methods used to prevent or mitigate routine criminal activity? · What are the benefits and limitations of prevention versus enforcement? · How is the economy affected by criminal activity and terrorism? · How does psychology play a role in both criminal and terrorist activity? Consider risk assessments and conclude with a discussion of the category (terrorism or criminal activity) that poses the greatest challenge to law enforcement. Include at least 2 case studies involving crimes against both property and persons. Apply principles from the readings to support your position and rationale. Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines and cite at least 3 sources



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