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SEC 571 quiz 1


1. (TCO A) Describe an organizational information situation where data confidentiality would be more important than data availability or integrity 2. (TCO A) Which of the following is the weakest password? 3. (TCO A) While our focus in the course is on threats to information systems, this question focuses on the concept of threats, vulnerabilities, and controls as applied to other kinds of systems. Select two examples of threats to aircraft for which aviation manufactures and/or regulators have instituted controls. Describe the vulnerabilities for which the controls were created and assess the effectiveness of these controls giving the justification for your assessment. Your answer does not need to address information security but you need to demonstrate your understanding of the terms: threat, vulnerability, and control. (Note: specific answers to this question are not in the assigned reading material.) 4. (TCO A) To what extent does ITSEC quantitatively and measurablydemonstrate the practical effectiveness of the security measures it mandates? In other words, how well does it objectively measure real-world security? How would this influence your use of this standard in a given computing environment? Be sure that your answer addresses quantitative and measureable practical effectiviness 5. (TCO A) Network enumeration is used to 6. (TCO A) One privacy concern about the use of biometric authentication is unintended application scope. Please briefly define this concern and give an example



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