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SEC 575 Week 7 Homework Assignment


Chapter 22  Question 3 At one time, in order to demonstrate their alleged intellectual superiority, a number of teenagers broke into computer systems that guarded records of schools, government generally, and military. What are the current potential criminal risks associated with hacking illegally into computer systems?  Question 4 Criminal law statues now protect your name and identity, your communications, and your ideas. Match each of these categories with the appropriate criminal law statute and explain how each statue can be violated  Question 5 One line gambling and the purchase of the pharmaceutical drugs over the Internet are quasi-legal activities that can only take place because the Internet allows the parties offering gambling and drugs access to those who want to be customers. Should laws enforcement in the United States tolerate such activity or should it go after small nations that provide shelter for such website? In addition to policing the physical world, should the United States police all of cyberspace?



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