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SEI 500 Week 2 Team Assignment First Draft of Instructional Unit


This week’s team assignment, the Unit Plan Proposal, is merely a proposal. This project will evolve over the next few weeks, and I do not expect what you turn in this week to go into great detail. The checklist that is attached is what I will use as I grade it. Each section should be addressed, but it is a draft in progress at this point in time. Remember that it is just a proposal at this point and is only worth 5 points. Also, please note, that this assignment cannot be divided up among learning team members by the headings below. Everyone must come up with the content objectives, language objectives, standards, key vocabulary, and materials for their lesson and then compile it into one larger proposal. Your proposal must include the following information:  Introduction: (describe the topic/theme of the unit, the target age group, the length of time for the entire unit, the ELL level best suited to the unit, etc. ) This information can be completely made up if you need it to be. Content Objectives: (describe what you expect students to be able to do/have learned by the end) Language Objectives: (describe what you expect students to accomplish related to language–speaking and writing) Standards: (be sure to list the standards your unit meets–use Common Core State Standards) Key Vocabulary: (list the vocabulary which students will be expected to learn throughout the unit) Materials: (list necessary materials for the unit) Description of Lessons: (at this point this will be a very brief description of your lessons, depending on your number of group members) Assessment: (how will you assess learning? you must include an authentic assessment tool such as a rubric, checklist, etc.) Conclusion: (describe any extensions that would follow the unit) I’ve put together a sample unit proposal for you to take a look at (see attached). Hopefully this will help your team know exactly what’s expected. Please note that my sample is not in correct APA format–it doesn’t include a title page, references, citations, etc. Your proposal should cite and reference where you located standards and also cite and reference our class text at least once. Also, I did not describe all of the lessons in the unit–I figured if you saw one, you’d understand what to do. For your next draft, you will give much more detail on each lesson, but at this point I only need a brief description/paragraph for each. Please understand that this is merely a sample of what should be included. Yours can look different as long as it still contains all of the items on the checklist. Also, I’m attaching a blank Unit Proposal form that I think will really help you all organize your work. I highly recommend using this document as you work in your teams. Hope this helps clarify exactly what to do for this week. Let me know if you have any questions! Submit the first rough draft of the Instructional Unit in Week Two. The final Instructional Unit is due in Week Six.



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