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SEI 500 Week 3 Individual Assignment SIOP Lesson Planning Sheet


Attached is the planning sheet I’d like you to use for your individual SIOP lesson plan and the rubric I will use to grade the planning sheet.  Please note that this assignment does not have to be in APA format–simply complete the attached lesson planning sheet for the lesson you are doing within your team’s unit. Also, I’ve attached an example of what a completed one might look like, and I’ve purposely left my comments on it in red. This is because these are the two areas that I’ve seen need revising the most (the assessment piece and stating the type of grouping you’re using). Finally, I suggest you examine some sample SIOP lesson plans at the sites I have recommended below:   The SIOP Institute http://www.siopinstitute.net/ See the link to lesson plans in the sidebar titled “In My Classroom.”  SIOP Central http://www.cal.org/siop/ Click on the “Services” sidebar and then click on “Sample SIOP Lesson Plans” on the right (some of these are the same as the ones from the SIOP Institute site–but others are different).  You will see that the SIOP components are expressed in several different ways in these lesson plans.  I’ve also typed up a description of each of the sections you need to include in your lesson plan (see attached). In the past, I’ve had students who were confused about what activities/strategies might be appropriate where, so I thought this might help. Please be as descriptive as possible (a sentence or two is not sufficient). Let me know if you have any questions.



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