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SEI 500 Week 5 Individual Assignment Final SIOP Lesson Plan


Attached is the rubric I will use to grade the final version of your SIOP Lesson Plan. Please note that you must address all of the comments I made on your lesson planning sheet and convert the lesson into APA format. This should not be a very difficult assignment because you’ve already done the work for your revised unit. I will have the units back to you by Friday, so that if there are any revisions to be made to your lessons, you will have time to do so.    I have also attached the checklist that I will use when I am evaluating your lesson plan. If any of the items on the checklist are not included in your lesson plan, you will lose points. The lesson plan you turn in by Monday needs to have an introduction, which should include the topic, age/language level, length of lesson, and any other background information (you are welcome to use the one from your team’s unit). Then each of the sections on the rubric and the checklist I gave you can be your headings. They should be followed with a few sentences/paragraph. Be sure to then write a conclusion with any extension or “wrap up” information (again, you can use the one from your team’s unit). There should be references within the body of the text–at minimum our class text should be cited–and a reference page. If you have more questions, please let me know.



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