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SEI 500 Week 6 Team Assignment Unit Plan Presentation


Learning Teams must submit their Unit Plan Presentation by Monday. Attached is the rubric I will use to grade your Unit Plan Presentation.  Please let me know if you have any questions. As for adding notes: Under the “View” heading there is an option for “Notes Page.” Click this and you will be able to add additional text. Each slide should just contain bulleted or small amounts of information. The notes page allows someone to click on it and get more info in order to actually implement the lesson. You can cut and paste a lot of it from the lesson plan you’ve already made.  An idea of how your Power Point could look would be as follows:  Slide    1-Introduction (Topic, Age, Language Level, Length of Unit) Slide    2-Unit Content and Language Objectives Slide    3-Unit Standards Slide    4-Unit Vocabulary and Materials Slide    5-Lesson 1 Slide    6-Lesson 1 Slide    7-Lesson 2 Slide    8-Lesson 2 Slide    9-Lesson 3 Slide  10-Lesson 3 Slide  11-Lesson 4 Slide  12-Lesson 4 Slide 13-Lesson 5 (if your unit has five lessons) Slide 14-Lesson 5 (if your unit has five lessons) Slide  15-Conclusion (Extension, Summary of student learning) Slide  16-Appendices (these are optional and do not count in the 10-20 slide limit–you can have as many as you want) Final Slide-References



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