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SOC 305 Week 5 DQ 2 Privatization


Privatization. After reading the two articles addressing privatization, Arizona’s private prisons: A bad bargain and The case for privatizing California’s prisons, respond to each of the following questions: a. In your opinion, what groups of people benefit most when the prison system is capitalized? What groups or people benefit least? b. In your informed opinion, are private prisons a bargain? Why or why not? Has the general public reached the same conclusion? Why or why not? c. Has your opinion about private prisons changed as a result of this research? d. What problems come with privatizing traditional government services like incarceration, military work, or policing? What benefits? e. What do for-profit prisons say about society’s expectations of incarceration and criminal activity? What do they say about society’s opinion of inmates?



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