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SOC 333 Week 3 Learning Team Assignment Gender and the Media


Choose 10 advertisements that best demonstrate the media’s portrayal of gender, five targeting men and five targeting women. Pay attention to the images of men and women in the media. The advertisements should include some typical stereotypes Prepare a multimedia presentation equivalent to 10- to 12- slides with notes, using Microsoft® PowerPoint®, that includes the following items: Bulleted summary that describes the advertisement, its year, its source, the gender characteristics portrayed, and the type of stereotype reflected Description of how the time period portrays gender Discussion of how this portrayal influences public opinion on gender: Explain your view of the public’s response and why. Was the advertisement a stereotype? Provide an explanation. Discussion of your interpretation of the media’s portrayal of gender based on Ch. 3 of GenderSpeak: Be specific in stating how you were influenced and why. Include at least two of these references in your presentation. Include citations and references for the advertisements. Format your presentation consistent with APA guidelines. Present the Gender and the Media presentation:



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