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SOCS 190 Week 5 Homework Questions


Review the concepts of Animism, Animatism, and Deism and describe how they vary in differences and similarities. Then, describe how each belief system is expressed by a particular culture that practices each concept.  Practices for the dead are a common cultural phenomenon. Look at the Yanomami of the Brazilian Rain Forest, the Amish of Pennsylvania, U.S., Itnegs of Abra, Philippines, and the Hopi of Northern Arizona, U.S. Describe similarities and differences found in their funeral practices for their deceased.  Navajo sand paintings are beautiful representations of the mythologies found within the culture. However, they do have a dual purpose. Describe how this supposed work of art is also used in healing rituals and a visual reminder of their religious and mythologies within the culture  Explain this theory: “Art is Culture.” Give as many examples as possible to support your views



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