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SPE 544 Week 6 Individual Assignment Behavior Intervention Plan


Prepare a Behavioral Intervention Plan. Identify a school-age student with an emotional or behavioral disorder. This student could be a student you have observed, a student you teach, a neighbor’s child, a relative, etc. Obtain permission from the student’s parent and the school, if appropriate, to complete the following steps to develop your plan.  Conduct a functional behavioral assessment and administer behavioral rating scales. Summarize all results, including the function of the undesired behavior. Develop one behavioral goal with two objectives that replaces the undesired behavior. This goal must be based on the results of the functional behavioral assessment and behavioral rating scales. Perform a task analysis of one of the two replacement-behavior objectives. Develop an instructional plan leading to the accomplishment of the replacement-behavior objective. Develop an assessment or evaluation plan for one of the replacement-behavior objectives.  Implement your plan in one of the following: a classroom, the student’s home, a recreational setting, or a vocational setting. Keep a two-week log of daily behaviors and behavioral changes as a result of your plan. Evaluate the success of your plan according to your assessment or evaluation criteria. Report your results. Critique your plan. What behavior management strategies would you continue to use? How would you modify your plan?  Document the time you spent with your student or client in your Field Experience Record.



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