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SPE 556 Week 3 Individual Resource Guide


Select two conditions of a physical disability or other health impairment. Prepare a 350- to 700-word description of the types of resources and their purpose or purposes that are appropriate to support a student for each physical disability or health impairment you selected. Research and develop an 8- to 10-page resource guide for classroom teachers of students with these physical disabilities and health impairments. Use an original format that is easily read and quickly referenced. For items below, Provide a minimum of two specific resources for each of your selected conditions from the list below. You must have at least 20 total resources. Community resources for teachers Community resources for parents Children’s books about disabilities Listing of assistive and augmentative communication devices First aid and emergency procedures Include an APA citation, summary of the resource, and one paragraph application explaining the usefulness of the resource for the students with that specific physical disability or health impairment for each example.



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