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SUS 370 Week 4 Individual Assignment Native Pollinator Population Recovery Project


Select a specific, local native pollinator species from one of the following groups: bumblebees, birds, bats, moths, or butterflies. Determine this species’ ecological and economical roles in your region. Explain the issues surrounding local and global pollinator decline and create recommendations for a local recovery plan.  Develop specific recommendations for your community based on environmental and ecological principles used to create suitable habitats for pollinators. For example, consider creating nesting sites or boxes in your neighborhood, ample and consistent food supply (such as gardens) over the entire growing season, and reduced chemicals or pesticides in your area. Note that honeybees were imported from Eurasia and are, therefore, not native pollinators. Complete the following four steps: Find 10 a specific local pollination by searching your state’s Department of Natural Resources. Complete the Service Planning Table to develop a plan that incorporates the principles of sustainability into your project. Prepare a 700- to 800-word call-to-action letter to a local newspaper outlining recommendations. The letter should include the benefits of having healthy pollinator populations for your state or area and the points completed from the planning table. Consider ecosystem services, agriculture, economics, beautification, and education. Submit both your letter and completed panning table to your instructor.



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