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TECH 506 Week 1 Individual Assignment Educational Website Evaluation Presentation


Research educational websites. Select six websites that could help actual or imagined students in your classroom learn content. Collaborate on the following: Form a group of three or four people in the class who work with the same content area or grade level. Share and discuss the websites you found with your group. Discard one to three of the websites you found and adopt one to three from your team members. Work individually on the following: Create a Prezi® or another type of presentation, not including a Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation, from a site approved by your instructor. Answer the following questions for each website in your presentation: What NETS-T and NETS-S standards does this website conform to? Does this website conform to the legal and ethical guidelines for educational use found in this workshop’s Electronic Reserve Readings? Why or why not? Which website characteristics enhance student learning? Which do not? Why? What might you change to make this website more engaging and effective? Include links to the educational websites you evaluated in your presentation.



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