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VCT 231 Week 3 Individual Using Graphics and Audio


VCT 231 Week 3 Individual: Using Graphics and Audio Prepare a new 2-minute video that incorporates the following:  Your own video footage (or your image slideshow from Week Two)   (2 pts.)  A title at the beginning of your video or slideshow: Your title should include the use of text effects and at least one cited, non-copyrighted image   (2 pts.)  A credit roll at the end of the video or slideshow with at least five titles and names   (2 pts.)  A background music track to your slideshow using at least one effect on the audio track (use cited, non-copyrighted music)   (2 pts.) Export and submit the video in MP4 format (H.264 format with HD 720p 25) using the Assignment Files tab above.  (1 pt.)   Note: The 2-minute video should be at least one and half minutes long but not exceed two and half minutes. (1 pt.) If the file size exceeds 100 MB, contact your instructor to set up an alternative way to submit your files.



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