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VCT 235 Week 5 Learning Team Assignment Analysis Paper and Presentation


Resources: University Library, Internet  Prepare 15 to 17 Microsoft® PowerPoint® slides with speaker notes illustrating the strategy and tactics of your PR Campaign.  Write a 3,750- to 4,500-word paper integrating revised versions of your previous Learning Team Assignments. Include the following elements in your PR Campaign: ·  An executive summary  ·  An analysis of the elationship between the PR Campaign and marketing within the integrated marketing communications program of the organization ·  An analysis of the impact of ethical considerations ·  An analysis of the impact of technology considerations ·  Globalization considerations ·  A crisis management plan ·  A budget: Based on the Virtual Organization previously selected, allocate the resources using the annual budget level as provided by faculty. ·  Strategies to evaluate the effectiveness of the campaign Format your paper and presentation consistent with APA guidelines.



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