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VCT 320 Week 3 Individual AssignmentDesigning a Magazine Layout


Create two extra pages in your magazine cover Adobe® InDesign® (.IDD) file that fit together to create a two-page spread. A two-page spread is a set of two pages that fit together to create one cohesive layout.   These pages should be filled with content relating to your magazine’s theme and additional images should be added.    Note. For this assignment you will need to write content based on your own research, of which you must cite. Do not copy and paste text that you have not written into your magazine spread. You may write one long article or a medium-sized article with a smaller complimentary article.   Research the different design techniques of magazines within your selected genre to assist you in this assignment.   Apply different fonts and font sizes, using those that best represent the style of your magazine genre.   Create a well-designed and appealing layout by considering the following:   Spacing Kerning Your target audience Text flow Orphans Widows Text wrap   Save the .IDD file to your hard drive.   Submit your document as a .PDF of a size less than 7 MB. This file should include all magazine pages created so far.   Ensure that you properly cite and document your images and include these citations in an APA reference page submitted as a Word document. Also include any resources pertaining to your written content.



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