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VCT 320 Week 4 Individual Assignment Magazine Layout Continued


reate 2 extra pages in your magazine .IDD file. One of these pages will be an ad of a type commonly found within your selected magazine genre. The second page will be a one page article.   Read Creating Thumbnail Sketches as a Part of the Design Process.   Research appropriate ad types.   Create thumbnails for possible layout options.   Create a 1-page Adobe®Photoshop® or InDesign® ad. Apply design approaches and techniques that help clearly communicate what is being advertised.   Create, for the second page, a classroom-appropriate article summarized from a reliable news source. Make this article three columns with a height of half of the page. You will be responsible for making this page informative and filling (taking up the whole page).   Add quotes that relate to the topics and images that reflect your topic.   Save the .IDD file to your hard drive   Submit the file as a .PDF that is 8 MB. This file should include all magazine pages created so far.   Ensure that you properly cite and document your images and include these citations in an APA reference page submitted as a Word document. Also include any resources pertaining to your written content.



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