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WEB 238 Week 3 DQs


Week 3 DQ1 There are many misconceptions about cookies by the general public.  What are two to three misconceptions about cookies?  In each case, explain the real drawback of cookies. Week 3 DQ2 Tell us about your experiences and plans for developing your web site by answering one of the questions below.   Describe a problem you are (or were) having – and ask for help or tell us how your resolved it on your own. -or- Describe some features you would like to add to enhance your site.  If you are not sure how to add these features please ask for help in this thread.  If you do know how to add the features provide a general description of the process. Week 3 DQ3 Based on the Greiner (2010) article, in AJAX what functional purpose does JavaScript provide to Web development?   – Greiner, L. (2010). AJAX web development techniques. Faulkner Information Services.



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