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XCOM 100 Week 2 Assignment: Self-Esteem Worksheet and Response Paper


Self-esteem is awareness of who you are and how you see yourself through internal and external communication. Your self-concept is influenced by factors such as values, abilities, goals, and actions of other people. Part One: Fill in your response to scenarios shown in the Appendix B Worksheet. Next to each one, write how you would respond to the scenario. If your initial reaction is positive, fill in the Positive Response column; if it is a negative reaction, fill in the Negative Response column. Fill in the remaining column to show how you might handle the situation from the opposite perspective. You must be able to predict different outcomes by looking at the same scenario two different ways. Is there a right or wrong way to respond to every situation? Part Two: Write short answers to the following questions. Each of your responses must be at least 150 words in length: Why is self-concept critical to the development of communication skills? Give an example of how this applied to an event in your life. How does your self-esteem affect your communication with other people? Give an example from your personal life that demonstrates this. How has the power of positive self-talk helped you get through a difficult or scary situation? Give an example from your personal life and the outcome.



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