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XCOM 100 Week 6 CheckPoint: Conflict Paper


Unless you are alone on a deserted island, you will have interactions and conversations with other people. These conversations can occur in relationships, teams or groups, interviews, and work and recreational situations. Any form of verbal or nonverbal communication can result in conflict. Part of being an effective communicator involves learning how to handle conflict appropriately. Write a 300- to 350-word paper describing a conflict that you experienced in a team, small group, personal relationship, or workplace setting. Identify the reason the conflict began and analyze the situation, including answers to the following questions: Was the conflict constructive or destructive? Explain. How was power involved in escalating or resolving the conflict? Did the parties involved practice assertive or aggressive communication? How did this approach help or hinder your ability to address the problem? What style of conflict management was used? Was it effective? Explain. Based on what you learned in this week’s readings, how would you modify your approach to the situation? Why?



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