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XCOM 100 Week 8 Assignment: Advertising in Society Paper


Write a paper about the following scenario: You are an account executive at an advertising agency. In an effort to identify potential new business, your boss has asked you to prepare a 700- to 1,050-word summary about an existing consumer product, such as sports drink, household product, car, computer, or shoes, you believe is not being marketed effectively. In your summary, be sure to do the following: Analyze the role of advertising in society. Explain how media literacy is important when selling a product. Describe the product and the medium, such as television, radio, magazines and or the Internet, currently being used to advertise the product. Analyze the situation. Explain why you believe the product was being advertised using that method and why it has not been successful in influencing consumers’ buying decisions. Identify the primary medium you would use to sell the product and explain why. For example, if the product is promoted primarily through magazine advertising, consider how it could be advertised using television commercials and describe how that medium might affect society’s buying decision. Format according to APA guidelines.



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