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XCOM 200 Week 9 Final Project: Conflict Management Microsoft® PowerPoint® Presentation


Review the final project criteria in Appendix A.  Create a plan to manage an interpersonal relationship challenge that you or someone you know is currently experiencing. This plan must be delivered as a Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation with a minimum of 10 slides. o Describe the parties involved and the nature of the conflict. o Identify at least two specific issues or barriers that are contributing to the conflict. o Identify the management style you most commonly use when faced with interpersonal challenges and assess its advantages and disadvantages in this particular conflict. o Assess the advantages and disadvantages of one other conflict management style. o Determine which conflict management style is most appropriate and explain your rationale for this choice.  o Identify at least two conflict management skills that can be applied to this conflict and explain why they would be effective. o Create a plan to manage this conflict. o Explain specifically how your plan applies the selected conflict management style and skills to the previously identified issues or barriers.  Format your paper according to APA guidelines



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